Disadvantages of Hard Water and Ways to Get Rid of it

When we talk about hard water, it is water with a lot of minerals in it. The main minerals in hard water are calcium and magnesium. More is the percentage of these minerals in water, harder the water is. It is very difficult to lather and causes a lot of problems in day to day as life.

When you try to mix hard water with soap, it forms scum. This scum is the thing responsible for all the white scales that you will find on in the corner of your bathroom, and white patches on your clothes. This scum scale is very difficult to remove and could cause some other problems as well.

If you are facing something similar and don’t understand how hard water affects your house and your health, given below are few disadvantages of hard water and how you could treat them.

5 Disadvantages of Hard Water


Effect on Hair

The scum that forms when you use hard water with shampoo or soap, has high mineral content which forms thin scale on your scale as well as hairs. This is why you might be feeling your hairs rough as well as tangled. These rough hairs are hard to clean and rinse. This layer of scale can build up every time you wash your hair if not cleaned properly. Finally, you will find your hairs brittle and result in hair fall.

The oxidizers and positive ions in the water react chemically with your hairs as well making them weak. Weak hair might fall or completely or might even break from the middle by simple force.

Effect on Skin

Hard water has very bad effect on the skin. Because of the less solubility, soap does not dissolve properly with it and thus leaves the scum layer on your skin surface. Also, if you wash your clothes with hard water, it can cause skin irritation as well.

Effect on Clothes

You cannot wash clothes without a detergent and a detergent is nothing more than a stronger soap. It is even harder to dissolve and thus stays on your clothes as white patches even when you wash then roughly under water.

Not only hard water leaves spots but also fades the color away. In case you wash your clothes in washing machine, you will have to use a water softener and rinse the clothes more than once in order to get rid of the detergent completely.

Effect on House

Hard water leaves scum or scale on whatever it gets on. And since you are using it, hard water flows in your pipes as well as in utensils. If the layer of scum gets thicker and thicker over time it might block the water flow in your house and that could be a big problem for you.

Effect on Health

In case you use the same water source for all your drinking, cooking and all other purposes, hard water could affect your health as well. Too many minerals in your water can cause some imbalance and could make you prone to some diseases. Also, hard water makes cooking a bit tough since it boils at a higher temperature than normal and also doesn’t dissolves the ingredients very well.

How to Get Rid of Hard Water

One of the simplest ways of getting rid of hard water is using a water softener. However, the water softening needs might differ from house to house and from place to place. So, first, you should have a checkup of the water that you are currently using. Based upon that you can pick the best water softener present in the market that satisfies all your requirements. Also, don’t forget to read these water softener reviews before buying from any online source, as it might help you in narrowing down your list.